Crocheted Owls

As nearly everyone at the moment, I love owls! 😉 That why my second crocheting project involved owls. I found a lot of nice owl patterns and decided to crochet the following two patterns, which are also easy. For both patterns, I used Schachenmayr Catania.

I found the first pattern on: In addition to single crochets, you need half double crochets and double crochets. Here are my results:

977159_589875567709764_261500286_o  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I already did more than those two, because some of my friends loved them and also wanted to get one. 🙂

I found the second pattern on Raverly: It is very easy because you only need single crochets to do it. Here is the result from the pattern:


I did not use felt eyes, but insted crocheted the eyes with the first two rounds of the owl. The owl can be for example attached to a key ring.


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