Zpagetti Basket

Do you remember this image? It was part of my shopping post.


Did you recognize the yarn? This was a Hooked Zpagetti yarn. I already used it for a project and there’s not much left. And that’s what I created: Two Zpagetti baskets!


The big one:

The big Zpagetti basket has a diameter of 26 cm and a height of 12 cm.


The small one:

The small Zpagetti basket has a diameter of 20 cm and also a height of 12 cm.


General Information


  • Hooked Zpagetti


  • sc: single crochet
  • inc: increase – two sc in one stitch


I used a very basic pattern that I already knew from other projects. Here it is:

Round 1: Form a magic ring and make 6 sc in that ring. If you don’t know how to do a magic ring (I wasn’t able to do one when I started), here is a great tutorial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLUaywX0-WE

Round 2: * inc, repeat from * 5 times (two sc in every stitch) -> 12 stitches
Another tip: I use a fixing pin to mark the first stitch of a round. That helps me to keep track of the rounds and when counting stitches.

Round 2: *sc inc, repeat from * 11 times -> 18 stitches

Round 3: *sc sc inc, repeat from * 17 times -> 24 stitches

Round 4: *sc sc sc inc, repeat from * 23 times -> 30 stitches

I think you got the pattern now. It’s really easy and you only add 6 stitches (make 6 increases) every round. For my small basket I made 6 rounds and for the big basket I made 8 rounds. I finished the last round with a slip stitch.

Then you get to the edge of the basket. That’s were you stop increasing stitches and just make one sc in each stitch. To get the edge, I only crocheted in the back loop of the stitches, as you can see here:


You can also see the edge that builds itself. Afterwards you just continue with as much rounds as you want (normal single crochets) until you reached the right height for your basket. I did 8 rounds on mine.

And that’s it! You can finish your basket with another slip stitch and sew in the ends. And here are again two images of the result:


I hope that you understand my very basic pattern. It’s the first pattern that I’ve written down. 🙂 Have fun making your own Zpagetti basket!



A crocheted turtle! :-)

Here is one of my newest creations. But first let me tell you the story behind it: In one of my drawers, I found gift coupons for a book shop. So I went to the book shop and luckily, they were still valid (although they were several years old) and the shop assistant told me that they will still be valid in 100 years. 😉 I neverthless decided to buy something with my coupons and spent about one hour in the book shop to decide which crafting book to buy. In the end, I bought this lovely crocheting book: http://www.amazon.com/Geh%C3%A4kelte-Kuscheltiere-Ferien-Cendrine-Armani/dp/377247232X/. I really liked the creations of the book and started with a brown and green turtle.

And here it is:


Isn’t it cute? Unfortunately I had to crochet a lot of pieces (head, feet, …) and afterwards I had to sew them all together, but I don’t like sewing pieces together at all. 😦 Maybe I did not find the right technique so far, but I always find it stressful and not funny at all. However, I’m very happy when I’m finished and the results recompense for the work. 🙂

Preview: I’m currently working on crocheted food. 😀 Can’t wait to share it with you. You will get hungry. 😉 But I definitely also want to try more animal patterns of the book.

Crocheted Owls

As nearly everyone at the moment, I love owls! 😉 That why my second crocheting project involved owls. I found a lot of nice owl patterns and decided to crochet the following two patterns, which are also easy. For both patterns, I used Schachenmayr Catania.

I found the first pattern on: http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.de/2013/01/easy-crochet-owl-tutorial.html. In addition to single crochets, you need half double crochets and double crochets. Here are my results:

977159_589875567709764_261500286_o  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I already did more than those two, because some of my friends loved them and also wanted to get one. 🙂

I found the second pattern on Raverly: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-owl-ornaments. It is very easy because you only need single crochets to do it. Here is the result from the pattern:


I did not use felt eyes, but insted crocheted the eyes with the first two rounds of the owl. The owl can be for example attached to a key ring.

My first crocheting projects

When I was looking for a book with knitting patterns in the library, I found a book with patterns for crocheted animals. It was Cuddly Crochet from Stacey Trock. I loved this little crocheted animals called amigurumi and started to crochet the blue bird, which was explained in the pattern book. Here is the result:


I learned to crochet as a child in primary school, but forogt everything. Therefore I think it worked quite well, althouh I first had to learn to crochet again.

The book included information about Stacey’s website, which is: http://www.freshstitches.com/. I loved the animals presented on her page and picked one of her freely available patterns next: Burnie the Bee! You can find the pattern here: http://www.freshstitches.com/bee/. And that’s how mine looks:


Those were my first two crocheting projects. Many more entries of old and current projects will hopefully follow soon. I can just encourage you to try it yourself. It’s not that difficult as it looks and the results are very cute. 🙂 You can for example give them away to friends or attach them to a key ring.