My first crocheting projects

When I was looking for a book with knitting patterns in the library, I found a book with patterns for crocheted animals. It was Cuddly Crochet from Stacey Trock. I loved this little crocheted animals called amigurumi and started to crochet the blue bird, which was explained in the pattern book. Here is the result:


I learned to crochet as a child in primary school, but forogt everything. Therefore I think it worked quite well, althouh I first had to learn to crochet again.

The book included information about Stacey’s website, which is: I loved the animals presented on her page and picked one of her freely available patterns next: Burnie the Bee! You can find the pattern here: And that’s how mine looks:


Those were my first two crocheting projects. Many more entries of old and current projects will hopefully follow soon. I can just encourage you to try it yourself. It’s not that difficult as it looks and the results are very cute. 🙂 You can for example give them away to friends or attach them to a key ring.



I ordered some labels and they arrived today. 🙂 I can now sew them on my knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, animals, and so on. Can’t wait to get started. And there are quite many!



Do you like them? I am really satisfied with how they look. 🙂 They look as I expected them to look and seem to have a really good quality. I ordered on and would also do so again. Good service, fast delivery, good quality, and a good price.

Knitting a Checkered Hat


General Information


  • Schachenmayr Boston, color: 00197 graphit
  • Schachenmayr Boston Stlye, color: 00590 grey


  • Right stitch
  • Left stitch
  • Chain stitch
  • Single stitch

Knitting Pattern

Schachenmayr Winter Accessoires, No. 040
The hat is basically knitted with blocks of right and left stitches, which produces a checkered pattern. After finishing the hat, it gets a crocheted border and a pom-pom.

My Opinion

In general, the pattern is very easy to knit, although I had to experiment with the size of the crochet hook to get a perfect border. I love this hat and I think that the pattern looks really cool.

Let’s start!

I just started to add photos of past projects to the overview page. 🙂 Hopefully, they will be followed by many photos and posts of past and also new procjets in the future. But I had to start somewhere! Enjoy exploring it. 🙂